Why Direct Mail Still Matters in the Digital Age

Why Direct Mail Still Matters in the Digital Age

Why do thousands of businesses all across the country still use direct mail marketing in the digital age? It’s simple. It still works.

The perception that direct mail is going the way of the dinosaur is contradicted by numerous studies showing that it remains a solid tool to reach prospects that delivers impressive return rates. We’re of the opinion that the internet has actually improved the effectiveness of direct mail marketing efforts for our clients.

Here’s how:

More Targeted Approach

The vast number of databases available online give direct marketers the information needed to provide targeted and, more importantly, personalized messaging to prospects. It’s no secret that personalization makes any marketing effort more effective, but when you combine personalization with a compelling offer that’s targeted to the right prospect – you get better response rates.

Scrub Those Lists So They Are Shiny & New

In the old days, scrubbing database lists was an arduous and tedious process. Now, with the new digital tools available, it’s easier, quicker, and can be done on an almost automated basis. It’s also still an essential piece of any potent direct mail campaign. After all, would you open a piece of mail that lists the wrong person, or a car that you haven’t owned in ten years?

Pinpoint Timing

With the online data mining tools available, you can determine who is currently seeking out a new vehicle, who is due for service or maintenance, or when a lease term is set to expire. This is real-time data that provides an opportunity to reach customers at the exact time when they are going to make a purchase decision.

The internet and traditional direct mail marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. When you combine the two, you’ve got an effective, low-cost marketing campaign at your disposal that generates true ROI for your business. We’re ready to help you grow your business with our direct marketing services. Just let us know how we can assist today!

5 Keys to Help Convert Used Car Shoppers to Buyers

It’s no secret that your used car division is by far one of the most important profit centers in your dealership. According to the NADA, used car sales by new car dealerships are expected to rise from 15.1 million sold in 2017 to 15.3 million in 2018.

So, how can you ensure that you get your slice of the pie? Here’s a hint: it’s more than just advertising low used car prices on your website.  Pre-owned buyers have unique needs and a combination of factors go into successfully converting a pre-owned shopper into a buyer.

Here are five tips to help you make more used car sales in 2018:

Listen First – Sell Second

While it may be tempting to jump immediately into sell-mode when encountering a used prospect, it’s important to ask questions and establish some initial rapport/trust. Are they buying out of need? Is there a family development that dictates a change in vehicles? What are their needs/wants from their next vehicle?

Keep in mind that buyers walk into a dealership with preconceived notions about how they will be treated.  By asking questions and allowing the customer to be heard, you can transform a customer/salesman dynamic into an advisor/advisee relationship and build trust.

Promote Value Added Benefits

Does your dealership offer free car washes with used vehicle purchases? Service perks like free loaner cars? Rewards programs for loyal customers? Take the time to promote benefits for doing business at your store other than selection and price.

The more reasons you give a prospect for doing business at your dealership, the more likely they are to want to purchase from you.

Get Straight to the Point

Today’s consumers want to get the best deal and get it quickly. They know that you are in business to make a profit and don’t begrudge that fact. What they do resent, however, is if they feel like a dealership is playing games with them via lots of “back and forth” which increases overall transaction time.

One of the most prevalent complaints about the car buying process from consumers is the amount of time it takes. Minimize transaction time in any way possible in order to keep the process running efficiently and customers engaged.

Keep them in the Loop

Creditworthiness is a big concern for many used auto shoppers. Leaving a customer alone in the F&I office while running credit checks or generating paperwork without any updates increases anxiety.

It goes a long way with a customer when an associate keeps them updated with a quick word or two every five minutes or so to let them know where the process stands. Reassure them that everything is moving along fine and that everyone is working diligently to get them into the vehicle quickly.

Ditch the “Call For Price” Approach

Want to know the number one way to completely lose out on a prospect who is shopping for a used car before they even physically come to your dealership? Don’t list used car prices on your website.

Consumers want and expect to see a price when shopping for a used vehicle online. If you don’t provide a price, then they are just going to leave your site and move on to your competition and shop/buy with them.