How Many Marketing Emails Go to Spam?

At Prospect Vision, we’re known for our direct mail capabilities. But we also offer email marketing campaigns as part of a dealer’s traffic-driving arsenal. One question that affects email differently than mail is that of deliverability. In other words, what percentage of messages actually end up in front of customers?

When you send a direct mail campaign, the post office provides a list of undeliverable addresses at the end of the campaign, mostly from people who have moved or if an address is written incorrectly. There’s no gatekeeper that prevents the carrier from placing your mailpiece inside of a customer’s mailbox – apart from the occasional angry dog. 

With email, it’s a different story. Email providers like Gmail and Yahoo have sophisticated software that is designed to keep out unsolicited messages. In fact, Return Path’s 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report says that 20 percent of all marketing emails end up on the spam box. 

But before you shun email marketing altogether, it’s important to know that not all vendors are made the same. Prospect Vision’s average spam rate is a fraction of the industry average. How do we manage? It’s all about using the right techniques.


Tips for Avoiding the Spam Filter:

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when designing an email marketing campaign.

  • Include a Physical Address. Not only is having a physical address somewhere in your email good for avoiding spam filters, but it’s also the law. The FTC requires all email marketing to include a valid physical postal address. Your dealership’s address will work just fine here.
  • Add an Unsubscribe Link. As much as we don’t want customers unsubscribing, it’s important to allow them to do so. Having an opt-out link is another FTC requirement, but it’s also good PR. There’s nothing more frustrating than being on a marketing list with no way to unsubscribe, and causing that frustration will reflect negatively on your brand.
  • Avoid Spam Trigger Words. It’s not hard to know what counts as a spam word. Anything gimmicky or with too much of a sales push can trigger spam filters. Here is a resource to consult when crafting emails without spam words.
  • Use an Awesome Subject Line. If you make it into the inbox, you still have to get through a customer’s mental spam filter. Keep your subject short, to the point, and offer value. Try this tool for seeing how your subject line stacks up.


Ready to delve into the world of email marketing? Contact us today for a free, customized marketing plan for your dealership.