Data Security & Compliance

In this day and age, nothing is more important than protecting your valuable data. With Prospect Vision, your data is safe and secure so you can rest peacefully at night. In business since 2001, we have never had a data breach. In the rare chance there ever was a problem, we carry a $6 million liability insurance policy.

Equally important, your data is yours alone. It is not used for any other purpose, and never shared with any other third party.

Your data is housed in 3 Carrier Grade facilities that include highest level of security, safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability, and technology.

All our campaigns are compliant with all Federal, State, and OEM regulations. We have sent out millions of direct mail letters and e-mails since 2001, and not one dealership has ever received a complaint from a regulatory authority or an OEM about a campaign not being compliant.