Beer, Wine and Grub: Check out the Selection at Olde Hickory Tap Room

olde hickory tap room

As a locally-owned restaurant, Olde Hickory Tap Room is a favorite among Hickory, NC, residents. Located on Union Square, this place consistently has great food, amazing customer service and a selection of beer and wine that’s hard to beat. When you go here, you get much more than a tasty meal, you get a much-needed night out!

Olde Hickory’s Beer and Wine Selection

The Olde Hickory Tap Room serves none other than fresh brew from the Olde Hickory Brewery right down the street. Housed in the 1880 Historic Landmark building in downtown Hickory, this beer is brewed using select grains, robust hops, and cultured yeast without the use of additives or preservatives. From their famous Piedmont Pilsner to the Brown Mountain Light, many say they brew the best high-gravity beers in the state.

While the beer selection may steal the show for some, this place caters just as much to the wine lovers out there. With a selection of red wine like Rock and Vine Cabernet and Cypress Merlot, this place is sure to have a glass of red with all the flavors you desire. Same goes for the assortment of white wines, offering anything from citrus flavors to summer blends. There’s even a special selection of wines that have been handpicked by the owners.

Daily Specials You Can’t Miss

Another great thing about this place, aside from the beer and wine selection, is the daily specials they post on their Facebook page. While many crave their burgers and buffalo chicken sandwich, they have daily specials that are off the chart. Take for instance the Salmon BLT with salmon tips, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh hoagie roll, or the Grilled Chicken Breast Rolled in Jerk Sauce topped with swiss cheese and grilled pineapple. Just a couple visits here, and you’ll see why many locals call this place “Ole Faithful,” as you’ll never be let down by any their dishes.

Events at this North Carolina Tap Room

No matter when you come out to the Olde Hickory Tap Room, you’re likely to enjoy live performances from a variety of musicians, or at least a great deal on the drink of the day. Every Thursday and Saturday night, you’ll get to see bands from around the region perform. Of course, Sunday’s are famous for the “Jazz on Tap” music program that features live jazz performances organized by local musician Rick Cline. There’s even other stuff to look forward to at the first of the week. Monday night is Pint Night where you get to keep your pint glass, Tuesday is none other than Tequila Tuesday, and Wednesday is for the whiskey connoisseurs.

Bring your friends along for a trip to the Olde Hickory Tap Room to devour some delicious food, drink some fresh brew and enjoy live music. Before you know it, this place to sure to become one of your favorite local spots in Hickory, NC!